Reefmaker Artificial Reefs & Marine Ecosystems

The Reefmaker/Walter Marine deployed its first artificial reef in 1986. Today it is the largest reef builder in the United States. The Reefmaker has deployed over 40,000 artificial reefs and owns four patents. Our artificial reefs feature natural Limestone substrate (Every animal that lives on a natural reef, can live on ours), complexity/rugosity (Places for juvenile fish to live), durability (Able to withstand hurricanes), size (Largest available in the USA).

We have four divisions:

1. Fishing Reefs – From 4,000 to 40,000 lbs, 6 to 25 feet tall and all types – Pyramids, Grouper Reefs, EcoSystem Discs

2. Ship Deployments – 22 ships/large vessels successfully deployed

3. Snorkeling Reefs – The only US Army Corps approved Snorkeling Reef 

4. Wave Attenuators – The best wave attenuator on the market today, doesn’t block waves, but turns wave energy into smooth water.  Can’t sink, turn over or move, plus provides a superior substrate for oysters and other marine life to live and grow

We have been featured in Florida Sport Fishing Magazine, Florida Sportsman Magazine, Guy Harvey Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Alabama Seaport Magazine, Bloomberg TV, PBS TV, CBS, and a Reality Show on The Weather Channel. Look for us soon on the Pursuit Channel. Check out our website and contact us for more information.

Artificial Reefs