Ecosystems: Snorkeling Reef

EcoSystems can be utilized as a “Living Wave Barrier” to protect shoreline erosion. Until EcoSystems shoreline protection was only made possible with hard armoring bulkheads or rip-rap. There are other types of wave attenuators that have been tested, but they all suffer two flaws. They sink into the ocean floor and/or stop the natural ebb and flow of tides and currents.

Walter Marine’s Ecosystems are already in use at historic Deadman’s Island, Gulf Breeze, FL, and East Port Yacht Club in Annapolis, MD. and Yellow River Aquatic Preserve in Milton, FL. Ecosystem units are green solutions to shoreline erosion. Their complex design destroys wave energy while allowing water to flow freely through the unit. They have exceeded the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers requirement for permeable flushing while providing habitat for marine life. The piling mount supports the unit and prevents sinking, turning over, and moving during tropical occurrences.

Option features: Ecosystems can be made with removable parts for soaking in Oyster Spat and reinstalled to colonize the units with Oysters. The removable piece can be removed and easily replaced over and over again to achieve desired colonization.

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