Walter Marine has prepared and deployed 24 ships to date. We do all of the cleaning which includes the removal and proper disposal of hazardous waste (PCB, Asbestos, hydrocarbons). Each ship is cleaned to the highest standards and furnished a chemist’s certificate of cleanliness. The sinking is planned without the use of explosives to ensure the ship lands on the bottom upright and correctly oriented. Towing to the site is done in-house by our 3,000 HP MARANATHA II, capable of towing any size ship.


Stinking LuLu

We have deployed some of the largest vessels in the Gulf of Mexico. The most notable is “The Lulu”. The funding for this particular sinking was raised by a combined effort of the local community. There were even advertising signs painted onto the vessel with local businesses logos.  Lulu’s restaurant received the naming rights to the ship. They provided a barge for a concert with the “Wet Willie” band held for local boaters at the deployment site. Since explosives were not used boaters were invited to view up close the sinking.