Reefmaker Marine Ecosystems

When we first started developing the Ecosystems it was just another artificial reef. However; over time we quickly expanded it to areas that entail: wave attenuation, snorkeling reefs, oyster reef restoration, mitigation, personal dock reef, coral reef restoration and to be used as a research tool.

Our EcoSystems are a culmination of 22 years worth of work in designing and deploying over 35,000 artificial reefs. Its complex (rugosity) design allows small marine animals to seek shelter and protection from larger predators and is ideal for defusing wave energy and protecting shorelines.


EcoSystems can be placed in high-wave energy areas without worry about storm event damage. The Florida Limestone rock we use replicates natural reef substrate and PH. The EcoSystems create an environment for all marine life to attach and also include boring animals that no other artificial reef is able to do. The piling mount system guarantees the unit will stay upright and not sink into the bottom.

EcoSystems are inexpensive to manufacture and easy to install. They can be adapted to fit any need by using different shapes, different sizes, offset mounting holes, piling or pedestal mounts. We can also reconfigure them to different heights and adjust the complexity (rugosity).

Walter Marine/EcoSystems are available worldwide. We can offer many different options such as the mold rental, franchises, all phases of design, construction, and installation are available. Please see our contact page for information on how to reach us with any questions.


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