Snorkeling Reef

The Snorkeling Reef is a patented product installed in the surf to increase tourism, provide family-oriented activities and add a dimension to the beach that is unavailable in the area. The only U.S. Army Corp snorkeling reef approved in the USA. 

Able to withstand storm events, our EcoSystems reefs are a culmination of 27 years designing and deploying over 40,000 artificial reefs. Its complex (rugosity) design allows small marine animals to seek shelter and protection from larger predators Mounted on a piling to withstand high-wave energy in the surf without the worry of storm events causing damage. The Florida Limestone rock we use replicates natural reef substrate and PH. The EcoSystems create an environment for all the marine life that live on a natural reef to live on EcoSystems Reef units, including boring animals which were something no other artificial reef has been able to accomplish. The piling mount system guarantees the unit will stay upright and not sink into the bottom.

EcoSystems are inexpensive to manufacture and easy to install.  They can be adapted to any depth or configured to any shapes or sizes. We can also configure them to different heights and adjust the complexity (rugosity).

Artificial Reefs