Snorkeling Reef

Ecosystem discs mounted on fiberglass pilings make great snorkeling reefs. Pensacola Beach and Navarre Beach, Florida were the first to install Ecosystem Snorkeling reefs. They can be installed in the surf next to the beach, to provide another tourist attraction that will, in turn, be another revenue generator for the local community.

Ecosystems are the only U.S. Army Corps of Engineers approved snorkeling reef in the United States. This is because they are able to withstand the harsh conditions from storm events in the surf without damage. The discs that make up this reef are made with natural Florida Limestone rock that fits over a piling. The fiberglass pilings are driven into the ocean floor so they provide a stable structure that can be configured to meet any need. The Limestone rock is the perfect habitat for all marine life that lives on natural reefs to colonize and within months the manmade properties are unrecognizable under layers of marine growth and animals.  Customers can choose any configuration they like such as the number of discs, the spacing between discs, height above the bottom, and depth below the surface. The Ecosystem reef can even be designed to mimic natural reefs.

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