Florida Limestone Artificial Reef – $2,195.00

The first “Florida Limestone” reef was first deployed in 2007 after three years of developing and testing. Florida Limestone rock is comprised of ancient clamshells and perfectly matches a natural reef in PH and substrate. Until now it was only used in boulder form for artificial reefs. We developed a patented process to embed the rock into the concrete reef surface. Every animal or plant that uses a natural reef as a home can live on Walter Marine’s “Florida Limestone” reef and no other artificial reef manufacturer can make the same claim.

Concrete alone has a slightly different PH value than seawater providing a hostile environment for some marine life. Boring organisms that dwell on artificial reefs cannot survive on a concrete reef but easily make our Florida Limestone reef their home. Walter Marine’s patented design provides a cave-like habitat for grouper and attracts other species as it is the tallest artificial reef on the market coming in several sizes up to 25′ tall. 

The 8′ Florida Limestone artificial reef is a 6,000 lb. concrete structure built to withstand storm events. It has a 10′ footprint designed to prevent settling and scouring. The limestone rock gives it a greater surface area and complexity which attracts marine life. This natural appearance is also pleasing to humans above or below the surface. Please refer to our video section and then “Florida Limestone” for more information.

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